Reception Rothko children learning about Full and Empty

Reception Rothko exploring Empty and Full

The children used containers and water to explore Full and empty - and half full or half empty

We are a container half full kind of school!



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Nursery and Reception exploring mass and weight of objects

Nursery Pollock class and Reception Rothko class using scales to explore mass / heaviness and lightness using scales

In Maths the notion of heaviness introduces 'more than. and 'less than' when we consider if an object is heavier than another. 


Here, Reception children are looking at…

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Year 5 with year 4 doing 'Physical Maths!'

Year 5 Shonibare and some guests from year 4 Blake worked on place value in an unusual setting.

They have been reinforcing learning from last year on place value so they could remember and secure their learning about what to do when multiplying or dividing by 10 and it's multiples.


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Year 3 using place value in their column addition

In maths, in year 3 Picasso class, we have been using place value grids and place value counters to support our understanding of column addition. Sometimes the addition requires us to exchange ten ones for one ten and sometimes it requires us to exchange ten tens for one hundred. It helped us…

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Reception Rothko class comparing sizes

The children in Reception Rothko class compared sizes using the different playdough cutters.


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Reception Children sorting items

The Reception Rothko class were sorting items and comparing bears by colour


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Year 1 working on whole and parts in maths

Year 1 Mondrian children have been working in their maths lessons on Wholes and Parts...


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Nursery children leaning to count with props and number rhymes

Learning to count using props and singing number rhymes


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Nursery children having fun learning numbers out doors

Nursery children having fun learning numbers outdoors.


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Reception singing to help count backwards

Reception Rothko class children had a huge giggle in singing the song '5 little monkeys jumping in a bed' to help them to learn how to count backwards.


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Building structures with a variety of materials

The Reception Rothko class children had tremendous fun building structures using a variety of materials to see what would stand up and what would not.


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Year 2 Matisse class making number lines to help count in 1s and 10s

Year 2 were making number lines to help them count in 1s and 10s


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