School Uniform at The William Hogarth School

Our school uniform colours are grey, white, yellow and black. our official uniform can be purchased from our on line ordering system at Stevensons. This link will take you to our school page. If you are a first time buyer, you will need to set up an account then you will have the full range of our branded uniform items available to you. All Logo'd items are compulsory except where marked with an * where an alternative non branded alternative is acceptable.

All non-logo'd items are cheaply available at many high street stores and supermarkets. We expect every child to wear school uniform when attending school and when participating in school organised events outside normal hours. We expect children to be wearing the correct footwear for sports and games and for all items of uniform to be clearly labelled with your child's name.

Our uniform is for all year round with the exception of the Yellow and White gingham dress which is for Summer term only. Grey shorts and be worn all year round but we recommend long trousers in the winter months.

We sell a wide range of second hand uniforms on line - here.



Uniform list

Logo'd items available at Stevensons

Grey logo'd V neck jumper or cardigan with 2 gold stripes

White logo'd polo shirt * (plain white polo shirt permitted)

Black reversible logo'd school coat *

Black logo'd rucksack *

Non logo'd items - Compulsory but available in high street shops and supermarkets

Plain grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore dress.

Plain long or short black grey or white socks or tights.

Sensible black shoes.

Plain white polo top as an alternative to the branded one.



* Plain black or navy coat

* Plain black rucksack

Seasonal items - optional

Yellow and white gingham dress - Summer term only - non branded and widely available

Non compulsory but acceptable items

Grey or black scarf gloves and hat

Please note that we do not allow children to wear jewellery or make up and nail varnish in school other than a single stud earring which must be covered in P.E. A watch is allowed as well as one piece of religious jewellery.

Hair accessories - plain black, grey, white or yellow.

Please note that hair which is longer than shoulder length must be tied back.

Religious accessories

Hijab - black, grey, white or yellow.

Kippah or Yarmulke - black, grey, white or yellow.

Turban - black, grey, white or yellow.


Physical Education

It is really important that children take part in physical education every week at school, but unfortunately some children are often not taking part as they do not have the correct P.E. kit with them at school - or no P.E. kit at all. It is important for children to take part in a wide selection of sports, learn skills, and develop a healthy attitude towards sport and fitness, which will stay with them throughout their lives. Physical education is part of the school curriculum and children need to be taking part in P.E. wearing the correct school kit.

Our school P.E. kit is comfortable, appropriate, and allows children to move safely. It also shows which 'House' Children belong to.

As with the main school uniform, branded items are available through Stevensons and the remainder at numerous high street stores and supermarkets.


P.E. Kit

Logo'd items available at Stevensons

White logo'd sports top with house coloured sleeves

Non logo'd items - Compulsory but available in high street shops and supermarkets

Black shorts

Trainers or plimsolls


Logo'd hoodie

Black tracksuit bottoms

Please note: If your child attends after school clubs, please provide them with other appropriate cloting as their P.E. kit needs to stay in school. Many children wear their P.E. kit in clubs, then take them home an not returning them for when they need it. We recommend that for children in Key Stage 1 that their kit is taken home at the end of every half term and washed and that for children in Key Stage 2 their kit is taken home at the end of every week,






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