Eco Committee - “ECO WARRIORS”

Exciting news!  We have a full Eco Committee, with children from each class across the school participating:

Year 1 - Edward & Evie

Year 2 - Liliana & Hassan

Year 3 - Rocky & Taiba

Year 4 - Lorenzo & Hidaya​h

Year 5 - Dylan & Taylah

Year 6 - Kotaro & Nel

The Eco-Committee have fulfilled their first 3 orders from their online second hand uniform shop.  Running this online business is such an incredible opportunity for the children, helping them to develop range of real-life skills including building financial literacy – all whilst supporting recycling.  I would definitely encourage you to have a look at the Eco-Committee’s online marketplace and take on board their message of “Relove your stuff!”  The online shop can be found by heading to  .  The online shop forms part of the Eco-Committee’s strategy and action plan in working towards the internationally recognised Green Flag Award – I know you will be keen to support the children, especially as all funds raised are targeted towards improving the school playground.


As young entrepreneurs, we have the following aims:

  • To help families by recycling good quality uniform items at competitive prices
  • To reduce the amount of clothing ending up in landfill
  • To raise funds to improve our school
  • To help families by keeping homes clutter free of outgrown items
  • To learn about money and running a business
  • To engage children in school development

We need your help to make our business a success.

If you have any uniform lying around at home that is:

  • unused
  • spare
  • too small or too big

Please donate it to the Eco-Committee.  This will help us to get our business up and running.

Your child should bring in any uniform items that you wish to donate on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  They can give them to their class teacher, ready for the Eco-Committee to collect.

Let’s share the re-love!

Thank you for your help




School Council

We view School Council as an integral part of our pupils’ PSHCE (Personal, Social and Citizenship Health Education) programme. Through School Council, children learn about the concept of citizenship and the responsibilities and decision making that accompany this role. It gives pupils the opportunity to speak for themselves and on behalf of others, to listen to different views, to co-operate and learn to compromise.  The council is made up of two representatives from each class, from Reception to Year 6 – one boy and one girl. They meet with 2 members of staff every week to discuss points on the agenda and are able to raise new issues of importance to them and their classmates.

We recognise the importance of home and school working together throughout your child’s time at school. We know that it makes a great difference to pupil’s academic progress and to their enjoyment of their education.  We have a home school agreement which we hope you will take the time to read, discuss with your child and sign. It will also be signed by the school to signify all our commitment at working together for the good of the children.


School Council:

Year 1 - Nina and Matthew McB

Year 2 - Eleanor and Bento

Year 3 - Nils and Aliyane

Year 4 - Ollie and Mia

Year 5 - Sophie and Jonathan

Year 6 - Patryk and Beatriz


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