We view School Council as an integral part of our pupils’ PSHCE (Personal, Social and Citizenship Health Education) programme. Through School Council, children learn about the concept of citizenship and the responsibilities and decision making that accompany this role. It gives pupils the opportunity to speak for themselves and on behalf of others, to listen to different views, to co-operate and learn to compromise.  The council is made up of two representatives from each class, from Reception to Year 6 – one boy and one girl. They meet with 2 members of staff every week to discuss points on the agenda and are able to raise new issues of importance to them and their classmates.

We recognise the importance of home and school working together throughout your child’s time at school. We know that it makes a great difference to pupil’s academic progress and to their enjoyment of their education.  We have a home school agreement which we hope you will take the time to read, discuss with your child and sign. It will also be signed by the school to signify all our commitment at working together for the good of the children.


School Council members:

Year 1: Antosh & Matilda

Year 2: Delia & Anastasia

Year 3: Stanley & Charlotte

Year 4 : Ricky & Yasmin

Year 5 : Katie & Ali

Year 6: Dom & Hidaya

Ollie: The school council helps with all the school equipment and also helps to organise things like the lost property. We also help with some of the school sales."

Mia. "On a Friday, some of us will go to lost property and we find jumpers with no names or shirts or any school uniform without name labels. We will then was them. Then we will put the size of the clothes on sticky tape and then we put them on to sale for other children to buy."

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