Future Makers finals at The Royal Albert hall trip - Tuesday 17 October 23

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All Key Stage 2 children watch an NHS jobs webinar

KS2 children watch an NHS jobs webinar

4 people working in various jobs in the NHS gave a talk and answered questions posted by schools all over the country about all aspects of their jobs. This might include what were normal aspects of their job, how many hours they worked and how much they…

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Year 6 anti-bullying training

Year 6 Rile class Anti-bullying training

Year 6 were doing some training from The Diana Award on how to be an 'upstander' against bullying

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Anti bullying week launches with Odd Socks Day!

The William Hogarth School launches national anti bullying week with 'Odd Socks Day'

Baheer: "We wore odd socks to start Anti-bullying week. Odd socks help us to everyone is different and that we should celebrate that difference."

Here are a selection of socks from across the school...


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Year 6 explore careers at Kidzania

Last week, we took a wonderful trip to Kidzania! We are keen for the children of The William Hogarth School to have a strong understanding of the range of careers available to them later in life. Our trip gave the children the opportunity to explore a range of careers such as delivery drivers,…

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Halloween day in Reception

Reception Rothko class children really enjoyed themselves having a 'Spooky Day' to celebrate Halloween. They were very creative in making masks and decorations and generally being a very spooky group...

....Brrrrrrrr too scary!


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Year 6 Show racism the red card

Year 6 celebrated Black History Month in a number of ways. On Friday 21st October, the children were able to dress in red to mark 'Show racism the red card day' They held a fund raising cake sale and learnt how racism is prevalent in today's society and what we can do to ensure we try our best to…

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Year 6 Riley class - Future Life talk from our local Police

Year 6 having a Future Life talk from our local Police.

Dylan: "I was really informative. It taught us not to do bad things and the consequences of what would happen if we did do something wrong. We also learned about some of the dangers of drugs and what other things were illegal and could get…

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Adventure in play

At The William Hogarth School our children enjoy enriching play time where they are allowed to climb our lovely tree and find ways of venturing across puddles. Safety is always paramount but we try to provide an environment where children can explore and stretch themselves.

And enjoy…

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Learning to lead - asking for help

In their Learning to Lead lesson - Year 1 Mondrian children have been working on asking for help.


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Year 6 on World Mental Health day

The school had a mufti day to mark World Mental Health day. The children were allowed to wear clothes that made them feel happy. Some were in fancy dress - a lot were simply in their PJs.

Mahdi: "I felt like I could finally relax."

Leyton: "I felt really comfortable and safe."

Nizar: "I…

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Anti bullying ambassadors at work...

Our Anti-bullying Ambassadors had a training session for black history month

They were looking at model school anti-bullying policies

...and they presented an assembly to inspire the school children


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