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Lorenzo in Year 6 Riley wrote this excellent journal of the day:

As we hopped off the bus, the first thing I saw was a statue of Albert made out of gold. We sat down on some steps and had our lunch. There were a lot of other schools. I took a look at the Royal Albert hall, it was  immense in a shape that was never ending.

We went towards the grand building and came across a fancy and wealthy bar full of rare pieces of art. We met a nice lady who took us to our seats. We looked around and saw a circular arc of seats that went three stories high! There was an enormous stage at the front. Above that, there was a gigantic screen hooked up to cameras that pointed to crowds of people. Even us- we felt famous!

After a while, we were introduced to two lovely hosts. A female musician and a male musician- both with stunning outfits. They made the crowd so excited and brought us the first act- Single Workers. They were a band of two singers and an electric guitar and drums. They were very energetic. Definitely my favourite!

Then, there was a singer-called Mia- that plays the guitar at the same time! I think it would be quite hard remembering the lyrics and remembering the chords. She was a blast, but she was singing quite gently, which wasn`t my favourite. 

Next up, was a dynamic duo. They were two girls. One of them played bass and the other was singing. They didn't have much chemistry because after the performance they said they weren’t friends at first. Their music teacher put them together and then became friends.

After that, A very big choir of a lot of girls came on stage. I was surprised how good they were. It would be hard to write the lyrics for each person. I think they had fantastic chemistry and we all stood up to dance.

Then, there was a piano player (who was a girl) named Amity with very funky purple hair. I thought her performance had very little energy but as the performance went on I enjoyed it more.

Fifth, was a band named Ramfunk and I really liked their performance. It was a mixture of jazz, rock and harmony. I am sure many people liked it and it was very popular.                   

Last but not least, was Mile End, which was a super heavy metal band. Everyone was jumping and screaming.

At the end, they brought in the last year's winners band and performed. Obviously, it was good. They announced the winner who was Amity, the piano player. And confetti shot. We all went home happy.

Royal Albert Hall trip - arrival















Royal Albert Hall trip - the event















Royal Albert Hall trip - the acts











Royal Albert Hall trip - the winner!







Jahzara Simon in Year 6:

"The next day, we all discussed the event at The Royal Albert Hall. We then did a vote to decide who our favourite act was out of the seven acts. Mr Harpley called out the name of each of the acts - one at a time. Whoever liked that act put up their hand and we all had 3 votes each. To choose our gold, silver and bronze positions! The Year 6 favourite was Mia, followed by Bass & Voice and then in third place was the actual winner - Amity Miller. Some of us were surprised by this as the actual winner was not our top choice. The results were different from Year 4 - who really loved Single Workers and Mile End! or year 5 who also liked Single Workers" 

  Year 4 Blake Year 5 Shonibare Year 6 Riley Grand totals
Single Workers 12 9 3 24
Mia 6 5 12 23
Base and Vocalist 3 2 9 14
Lewisham Community Choir 7 3 8 18
Ramfunk 2 6 4 12
Amity Miller 7 3 8 18
Mile End 12 5 3 20