Scarlett writes about the girl's football team

Girl's football team are getting better and better.

In the past few months, I have been taking part with The William Hogarth School girl's football team, in inter-school football tournaments.

Our team is really improving and when Mr. Berriman has football training sessions on Fridays, we get…

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Year 5 learning the Haka in P.E.

This half term, Year 5 Shonibare are working on dance in P.E. and this week started to learn and divise their own Haka. They watched a film of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team who famously start every match with one. They then learnt the basic moves, and in groups started to divise their own…

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Year 3 developing ball skills in basketball

The year 3 Picasso children have been developing ball skills in some basketball games in P.E.

Basket ball is an 'invasion game' which means it consists of one team moving into their opponents area and scoring. The skills year three have been learning include ball control, passing and dribbling…

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Year 5 and 6 boys football tournament

Year 5 & 6 boys football team had a great time at their football tournament

Vansh: "i felt excited as it was my second tournament with the school. i was a bit dissapointed to find I was playing in defence as I wanted to be a striker and help the front 3 score goals. I helped the team win 1…

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Learning to play Boccia with St. Mary's children

Some of our children in years 3 and 4 were joined by year 3 and 4 children from our neighbours, St. Mary's school and we all learned how to play Boccia.

It is very similar to Bowls or Petanque if you are from or have been to France. Boccia is different in that it was designed for people using…

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Year 5 & 6 Girls football tournament

Well done to our Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Team who performed exceptionally well at today’s tournament in Heston, winning all of their 9 matches. They looked wonderful in their school kit – really smart and did us all proud with their sportsmanship and behaviour. Thank you to Mr Berriman for…

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Year 5 Shonibare - Our swimming star showing our school value of AMBITION

In year 5 Shonibare's swimming lessons - our 'Swimming Sar' showed great determination and AMBITION to progress from the dolphins group where she is learning at the moment, into the sharks group who swim at the deep end. What a star! well done.


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