Using mirrors in art

Year 1 Mondrian using mirrors in art

How do you draw a picture of yourself? Have a look in the mirror...

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Year 1 get messy with primary colours!

Year 1 Mondrian are learning about Primary colours

The children in year 1 have had a tremendous and messy time learning about primary colours and how you can mix them to make every colour possible. They made prints with their hands, then went to town with their feet.


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Year 5 exploring watercolour in Art

Year 5 Shonibare have been working with watercolour in their Art lessons

the children have been exploring the different techniques that can be used when painting in watercolour. They have explored 'Wash' painting where a series of thin layers of colour can be applied to the paper. They have…

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Flower still life art in Reception

In reception Rothko class, children were exploring still life drawing and painting looking at flowers.

How lovely - to have your lessons in such a lovely garden area.


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Year 5 learning the 'wash' technique

Year 5 Shonibare class this week, were learning a tricky technique in their art lesson - how to apply a wash. It is used in painting watercolours. Rather than painting in thick paint which is the normal way we paint, we had to water down the paint so it was very thin so we applied just a thin…

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Year 3 present their Prehistoric Britain work

Year 3 have been learning about life in prehistoric times and what it was like for early humans in the stone age. We discovered how tools had developed over time and how humans began to settle in more permanent homes. Children created projects at home based upon their learning of prehistoric…

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Year 6 Riley class at the London Museum of Water and Steam

Year 6 Riley class went to the London Museum of Water and Steam to enrich their learning about the Industrial Revolution.

Sophia: "We all loved having a trip to the Water and Steam Museum. We had an amazing tour around and at the end we got to go to the splash zone! Everyone had a fantastic…

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Year 3 enjoying their Spanish lessons

Year 3 Picasso class are really enjoying learning Spanish. They have been reading, learning songs and playing games to learn the names of animals.

They have also been learning how to construct sentences with the correct us of 'Un' or 'Una' In English the definite article is neutral. How…

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Year 4 Blake class - We wrote to Sir Peter Blake...

We wrote to Sir Peter Blake

Our Class is named Blake class, after the famous artist Sir Peter Blake. We looked at some of his art and particularly liked his cover for The Beatles' 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' and thought we would make our own. Like The Beatles, we thought about…

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