We took part in a festival of tennis at Park Sports in Chiswick House Grounds.

All the teams were split into two groups. We didn't make it out of the group stage so we maybe didn't enough matches. Each match consisted of 4 'rubbers' where the number one boy played their opposite number then the same with the girls - the the number two boys and girls. The children all played some tremendous tennis winning some superb points. They all enjoyed themselves and also showed tremendous character when the results didn't go their way, or if they hit the net. Well done to you all!

Here is Harrison's report:

It took place I think in the morning. We were the first ones there so we arrived. We got there [to the courts] and we started to warm up. We played against each other then we sat down, relaxed and chatted then we warmed up some more. [Aside from me] there was Mu'aahd and Kai then Hidayah, Katie and Arya. Mu'aahd was Boy 1 then I was boy 2 [along with Kai - we alternated games] - Hidayah was Girl 1 and Katie and Arya both girl 2.

The weather was Sunny and overcast - it rained a bit but it wasn't too bad.

We played 6 games against Belmont, St Mary's, Cavendish, Beavers, Lional [and one other] Chiswick School were there [to act as umpires],

Finally thank you Mr. Harpley for taking us to the tournament. I really enjoyed it and it was a phenominal experience.


Year 5 and 6 Festival of Tennis