Many people’s hobbies include playing video games, but not look into how it's made. The creators ( or developers, often called devs ) use coding languages like Java, Python, C++ and many more. This small page will teach you the basics of a more simple coding language, scratch, which consists of blocks you put together to form a script that plays out your game, animation or something completely different!


Frequently during coding lessons people ask me to help them with a project, so I come over and try to fix their problem. In scratch, you drag blocks to a scripting area to create games, projects, animations and more! I first heard of scratch through a friend and had big dreams that I am yet to achieve. I started off by making a game from a book: Talking with a dinosaur, which uses variables to store data that it later makes into speech; “talking” back to the player. Then I moved on to the games where you moved the sprite in the hope of collecting an object (jewel) called Dragon Chase. Among us chase is a game where you have to escape a sprite before they take away all your health (w to move forwards).


Then, after years of scratching, I finally developed the skills to create an internet worthy project, a survival game (read instructions) in which you have to gain powers to destroy green and blue “blobs” before they destroy you! This was called survive.

What will YOU create?

Sprite moves up, down, left and right. Use the change x/y by block for speed

The sprite starts in the middle of the screen and then "follows" your mouse. Use the steps block for player speed.

Make a new sprite and put this code in it. The player sprite should be able to infinitely collect it.