First of all my name is Harrison. I am in year 5 Shonibare class at The William Hogarth School in Chiswick.

I have a hobby that is called Horse Riding. It is my favourite hobby. I started riding in 2019 when I was 6 or maybe 7. At first it was terrifying. I can remember hearing horses sneezing and coughing. The hay was slimy and a little bit smelly. I go on Sundays with my mummy.


The horse that I ride is called foxy and he is very friendly. I don't  know his age.

As well as horse riding, I have started learning about stable management. There are a number of different jobs you can do like brushing the horses and picking the mud out of their hooves. Amelia, who is an instructor, said we have to pick up the hay as the horses might be hungry. She said next time, we might do some grooming, which is when you brush in circles. You do this so the horse knows what you are doing.



I am always excited to be doing this activity It is really fun. I like looking after the horses and i love riding, brushing and grooming them. i hope that soon i will learn how to gallop.