Why I love art

Hello - I'm Jahzara. I am in year 5 Shonibare class at The William Hogarth School in Chiswick in West London.

I started drawing and enjoying art when I was roughly two years old. Being surrounded by family members who draw a lot, my love for it grew. Also, during the Covid epidemic and being in lockdown, I was with my sister who is six years older than me, so I needed something to keep me motivated. Art became my my escape from not being completely bored. 

I started off doing small sketches of people and over time, I started to focus on fashion designing. I like to sketch dress designs for my friends and families, ensuring it is perfect for them as an individual.



I don't have one specific artist that I like, so normally I find different dresses but I change / alter the originals to make them my own. I did a series of drawings of dresses inspired by planets of the solar system. It was so cool seeing Mars on a dress design, perfectly colour coded to match the planet.



I hope in writing this blog that it will inspire others to venture out to draw and what could start as a normal activity could eventually become a hobby and possibly a job for the future which is my own desire.

"Drawing is like the air I breathe, a necessity to my life"

by Jahzara Simon