School Office

School Office and Payments

All payments should be made using the online payment system ParentPay.  Your ParentPay account can be topped up online via or at a local Paypoint shop (newsagents).  Please speak to the school office for account activation information.



If your child has a medical condition you must inform the school via the medical form or by visiting the school office.  If your child needs to take prescribed medicine during the school day, Mrs Dubey can administer it.  Please bring it to the office with instructions for use and sign the medicine permission form.  Medicines should be brought in at the start of the school day and they can be stored it in the fridge if required.  If your child has asthma please provide Mrs Dubey with an asthma pump and directions.  All pumps will be labelled and kept in the school office.  If your child gets head lice please tell the teacher or school office.  We can advise on treatment.  Please inform the school if your child has any food allergies at the earliest opportunity.



When your child is ill and unable to attend school you will need to inform the School Office on the first day that they are sick.  You must call into school each day that your child is unwell.  If your child is ill while at school and needs to go home you will be contacted by the School Office.  It is vital that they have the most up to date contact details for you.  The school office is contactable on 020 8994 4782.



Photographs are regularly taken within school by class teachers or staff.  A consent form for photography is to be completed by all parents when your child starts school detailing whether you child can or cannot have their photograph taken.



Any matter of concern should, first of all, be addressed to your child’s classteacher.  This will give you the opportunity to discuss it in private, at a convenient time. It is often best to make an appointment with members of staff but we urge you to speak to us sooner rather than later so that we can tackle the problem in its earliest stages. It is hoped that most matters can be resolved at this stage.  If the issue is not resolved through initial discussion, please come into the school office in order to complete a complaints form and the Headteacher will contact you.  The complaints policy is available on the school website.


Data Protection Act 1998: Fair Processing Notice

The William Hogarth School are a Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act.  We collect information from you, and may receive information about you from your previous school.  We hold this personal data and use it to:

  • support your teaching and learning;
  • monitor and report on your progress;
  • provide appropriate pastoral care, and
  • assess how well your school is doing.

This information includes your contact details, national curriculum assessment results, attendance information, (although this information is not collected for pupils under 5 at Early Years Settings or maintained schools), characteristics such as ethnic group, special educational needs and any relevant medical information.We will not give information about you to anyone outside the school without your consent unless the law and our rules permit it. We are required by law to pass some of your information to the Local Authority (LA), and the Department for Education. For further information please speak with the School Office or contact the Local Authority Information Governance Team, Legal Services, Civic Centre, Hounslow, TW3 4DN or .