The Hogarth Greens

As part of our commitment to sustainability, the school has formed an Eco Club.  The club is formed of children, teachers, parents and Senior Leadership.  Together we have reveiwed our school and developed an action plan to become more sustainable.  The club meet at least once every half term and we are proud of our Eco School silver award.

 Our Eco Code

I am the LITTER LEADER and I will

Remind children to use the bins

Pick up any paper litter I see

Remind children to use one hand towel not many

I am the RECYCLE RANGER and I will

Remind children to use scrap paper

Use both sides of the paper

Remind children to put their fruit waste in the compost bin.

I am the ENERGY ENFORCER and I will:

Switch off the lights

Switch off the computers and monitors

Open blinds and curtains

Close doors

Check classroom temperatures

Chiswick Horticultural Allotment Society

Chiswick Horticultural Allotment Society played a key role in improving our outdoor environment in the academic year 2015 – 2016.  They provided advice planting and gave us bulbs and seeds to grow.

In the Summer Term we submitted artwork to the Chiswick Horticultural show and were awarded first, second and third prizes for our artwork.  The school received a special award from the Horticultural Society in December for our ongoing enthusiasm and commitment to improving the school grounds.