Supporting Pupils

The William Hogarth is fully committed to the equal opportunities of all pupils and all members of the school community and this is reflected in all that we do. We encourage all pupils to respect each other and to be proud of the diversity of our school culture. The issue of equal opportunities is discussed in relation to all policies of the school.

Pupils with English as an Additional Language

We have a specialist language teacher for bilingual pupils in need of additional support. At The William Hogarth School the language teacher works as an integral part of the school, attending parent’s evenings, running coffee mornings, etc. and attempts to take an active part in all aspects of school life.

The aim is to raise the achievement of targeted EAL (English as an Additional Language) pupils by providing specialist teaching support, resources, bilingual support for parents, initial and ongoing assessments and advisory support for class teachers. The language teacher provides a warm welcome for children and their parents / carers that will reflect the safe and caring environment that is our school. All class teachers are aware of the language backgrounds of the pupils in their classes.

Moving Up

At the end of each year your child will meet the teacher that they will have for the next academic year.  To accommodate the needs of the school it may be necessary to change the class that your child is in between years.  This may mean that they will be with some children that they were not in the class with in the previous year.

Moving On

The School and Governors provide support to parents who are planning their child’s secondary education.  The children from the School go on to a wide range of local state and independent schools.  Parents of year 6 children will be given information on the secondary transfer procedures early in the Autumn term.  The Local Education Authority (Admissions) and the Headteacher are always willing to help parents and advise on up-to-date procedures and transitions.  The children are also supported  in school and through school visits from previous students.