Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

The William Hogarth School is an inclusive School. We recognise that all children have different skills and needs.   All children are welcome to be part of our school community.  Classteachers work closely with the school’s Special Educational Needs co-ordinator to identify any pupils who may need extra support and will devise a structured programme based on specific areas for development. Support is given in the classroom by differentiated work or by extra help from a Learning Support Assistant. A range of programmes are used to support pupils including group and individual interventions which enables pupils to catch up with Learning skills if they have fallen behind for any reason.

Pupils who are identified as having greater difficulties may become the subject of a Statement of Special Educational Needs issued by the Local Authority. Parents/Carers of all pupils who are identified as having any sort of difficulty are informed and consistently involved in the assessment and provision for their child.

Our SENDCo is
Mrs K Luciani

The Local Offer

As the Local Offer is new, we will continue to review and develop these pages over time. It is our intention to continue to add information about services and providers to help you to find the services that you need.


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